Circle Of Friends Candle Holder & More

Offering Circle Old Friends Since 1999!

"Ancient native legend says that at the end of the evening, friends would gather around a bonfire and share their hearts. They would speak of the good qualities of each other and remember times shared. As the embers faded their friendship was said to be sealed anew, bringing them closer together."

These circle of friends dancers will never let go of each other's arms. Inextricably entwined, they represent an ancient pre-Colombian ceremonial dance symbolizing the unbroken circle of friendship. Made in western Mexico, each dancer is individually shaped by hand from terra-cotta. When fixed upon the base, its arms are joined with those of its companions. Once each dancer has taken its place, the piece is fired in a wood-burning kiln in rustic warm earth tones. No two are actually alike.This candle holder makes a perfect gift for a friend or a wonderful table piece for a dinner party with those you love best. Place a candle on the middle tray and let the friendships last forever.

Each "circle of friends candle holder" comes with a card describing the ancient native legend.
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